with which a party may constantly trust in (so-called "cardinal Fiscal year 2017 compared with fiscal year 2016. It provides a scalable and complete collaboration suite that transforms the way teams work. The largest component of the OEM business is the Windows operating system pre-installed on devices. Note: You can also log in to Office.com, look for the Microsoft 365 icons on the left, and then select Forms. Click on the suggested options to add as choices.

Our CSR commitments contribute long-term value to our business, our shareholders, and communities around the world. Certain options and forwards not designated as hedging instruments are also used to manage the variability in foreign exchange rates on certain balance sheet amounts and to manage other foreign currency exposures. obligations"). As of June 30, 2017 and 2016, the aggregate unamortized discount and debt issuance costs associated with our long-term debt, including the current portion, were $715 million and $392 million, respectively. Competitors to Office include software and global application vendors such as Adobe Systems, Apple, Cisco Systems, Facebook, Google, IBM, Oracle, SAP, and numerous web-based and mobile application competitors as well as local application developers in Asia and Europe. In November 2014, Microsoft and IPCom entered into a standstill agreement staying all of the pending litigation against Microsoft to permit the parties to pursue settlement discussions, which continue. The remaining cash equivalents and short-term investments held by our foreign subsidiaries were primarily invested in foreign securities. Second, artificial intelligence (AI) will be pervasive across devices, apps and infrastructure to drive insights and act on your behalf. Adoption of the standard will be applied using a modified retrospective approach through a cumulative-effect adjustment to retained earnings as of the effective date. Software may periodically check for updates, and download and install them for We use credit default swaps as they are a low-cost method of managing exposure to individual credit risks or groups of credit risks. Businesses can deploy applications in their own datacenter, a partner’s datacenter, or in our datacenters with common security, management, and administration across all environments, providing the flexibility and scale they want. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED UNDER YOUR LOCAL LAWS, MICROSOFT EXCLUDES ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. For software elements, we follow the industry-specific software guidance which only allows for the use of VSOE in establishing fair value.

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