Heaven's Feel is one of the routes in Fate/stay night.

Asking about the Einzberns, Kirei also explains to Shirou the origins of the Holy Grail War, formed by the three families of Einzbern, Tohsaka and Makiri to obtain the Holy Grail. Knowing that Shirou is the only one Sakura trusts, Zouken asks his help in stopping the Shadow: by killing Sakura, to prevent more people from dying if she is allowed to live.

Lancer arrives on a scouting mission at the Ryuudou Temple to investigate, and encounters the True Assassin.

However, due to the current War proving unexpectedly ideal, Zouken decided to go forward with his plans early. | comicbook.com, Wed, Nov 18Fri, Nov 20Sat, Nov 21Sun, Nov 22, Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] III. The next morning, Sakura collapses from another sudden, intense fever while making breakfast. Illya, aware of Shirou and Archer's true relationship, prepares her own plan without Rin's knowledge. He hurries to the Matou household, chasing after Sakura, only to find Shinji dead. Zouken asks Shirou about the daughter of the Einzberns, but is shocked to find he is completely unaware of the Einzberns. Enraged, Shirou tries to attack Zouken, only to be repelled by the True Assassin. They decide to take a defensive strategy, with Rin and Shirou patrolling nightly while Sakura and Illya remain home. Illya, however, agrees to come along with Sakura in exchange for her allowing the others to go free, on the condition that they be allowed to stop at the Einzbern Castle first to retrieve the Dress of Heaven required for the ritual.

Shirou arrives in the cavern, his body slowly being healed and filled with swords as Archer's Reality Marble invades him further. Her mood is brought down, however, when she notices a strange bruise-like mark developing on the back of Shirou's hand. The Shadow attacks Rin, but Shirou pushes her out of its path.

Shirou sees that despite her outward happiness being with Shirou, Illya is still inwardly conflicted and pained by her mission to take vengeance on the Emiya family as a Master. Sakura attacks Shirou, but he is defended by Rider, still acting on Sakura's last sane Command.

Shirou wakes at the Kotomine Church, where Kirei is attempting to heal Sakura. However, Lancer is lured into an ambush, and is attacked by a mysterious Shadow hiding in the lake. Meanwhile, in the worm-filled basement of the Matou household, Zouken contemplates remaining as an observer in the Holy Grail War, but notes that the "experiment" he has created to help reach the Holy Grail is unexpectedly well suited for the current War. He fights him throughout the city before reaching Ryuudou Temple.

Caster is killed by True Assassin as opposed to Saber. Fearful of him, she recalls her chance encounter with him in the early days of the War, where he told her to kill herself before it was too late. Rin recalls the aftermath of the Holy Grail War: Using an incomplete form of the Third Magic via the Dress of Heaven, Illya had materialized Shirou's soul into a container to save him, and he was found and rescued by Rider with Rin's pendant as a beacon. She tells stories of her youth to Rin's heir, who comes to help her tend to her flowers as her student. Don’t miss “I. Lost Butterfly.

Later, Shinji unexpectedly arrives at Shirou's house, striking Sakura for not returning home and staying away without his knowledge. As Saber fights the True Assassin alone, Shirou is confronted by Zouken. Shirou and Rin head to the school, with Shirou confronting Shinji alone while Rin waits in hiding for her opportunity. Shinji attempts to convince Sakura to make him a Master again, to no avail. Despite being outmatched and engulfed by the Shadow, Berserker continues to fight, destroying his own body to free himself. However, after his betrayal, the Einzberns came to resent Kiritsugu, explaining Illya's apparent fixation on Shirou. While saddened, Sakura is initially relieved, believing Shirou will no longer have to go out at night. Sakura overhears this, and is distressed that Rin is taking a cherished memory away from her, hating her sister. Sakura attempts to make dinner, but it becomes apparent that her condition is deteriorating, losing fine control of her body. If the former two conditions are met, then Kirei is not encountered, and the Normal End occurs after freeing Sakura. The interaction where Shirou and company tries to save Sakura is in the school's library instead of the hallway. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, Zelretch himself appeared, nullifying all charges against Rin and congratulating her for recreating the Gem Sword. Despite her objections, Shirou convinces her to return home, and they flee with her in tow, True Assassin and the black Berserker in hot pursuit. On the way home, Shirou meets Illya again, annoyed that he did not notice her and forgot their promise. Sakura, now recovered, also stays home to take care of Shirou. Rin, adamant about killing Sakura before she causes any more harm, tries to visit Sakura, but Shirou stops her, determined to save Sakura.

At the church, Kirei reveals to Shirou that he had known that Sakura was a Black Grail created by Zouken. Shinji tries to order Rider with his false Command Spell, but it suddenly burns away as Sakura cries out. Meanwhile, Kirei and his Servant, Gilgamesh, discuss the growing damage caused by the Shadow. True Assassin and Zouken, still alive in worm form, reunite in the Greater Grail with Sakura.

For centuries, the Einzberns had sought the Holy Grail, using whatever methods necessary to obtain it, even seeking the help of an outside magus in Kiritsugu. Trapped within the Holy Grail as a malevolent impurity, the entity waits to be born again from the corrupted Grail into the outside world, to wreak destruction upon humanity. On the final night, Shirou, Rin and Rider find and enter the hidden cavern leading beneath the Ryuudou Temple. Rin battles Sakura and her army of Shadow Giants using the Gem Sword of Zelretch. In bed, Shirou slightly loosens the Shroud, and is almost consumed by Archer's arm before retying it.

He is met by Illya, wearing the Dress of Heaven. Rin leaves, coming into conflict with Sakura, who is concerned about their intentions for Shirou. Kirei prepares to perform surgery to attempt to remove the Crest Worm. Taiga informs them that club practice is cancelled due to an incident at school, resulting in over ten members of the track team being injured, supposedly due to fatigue.

However, he claims he is now unable to control it or Sakura due to its sudden growth. She expresses her wish to go see cherry blossoms in the spring with Shirou, and he promises to do so. Saber Alter leaves immediately after defeating Berserker, as opposed to after briefly fighting Archer when she tries to kill Shirou to take Illya.

However, Shirou cannot bring himself to kill her, and decides to fully betray his own ideals of becoming a Hero of Justice.

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Aware that they are enemies, Shirou still thanks Kirei for saving Sakura's life. In the cavern of the Greater Grail, under the Ryuudou Temple, the ritual to materialize the Holy Grail has begun. spring song,” arrives in theaters later in the month. Sakura also asks if Shirou can forgive her if she becomes a bad person, and Shirou replies that he would not, and would punish her for doing so, to her relief. Heaven's Feel is one of the routes in Fate/stay night..

Shirou mentions his curiosity of Illya, and Saber reveals she knows of the Einzbern family, and directs him to the Kotomine Church to learn more. Kirei reveals to True Assassin, one of the Hassan-i-Sabbah, that his heart is a black heart made from curses, granted to him by the Holy Grail's mud during the last War to resurrect him after his death at Kiritsugu's hands. The two men clash in a brutal fistfight to the death.

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