SuperJet ready to launch package £TBC includes; • 2021 SuperJet worth £TBC Yamaha takes the wraps of the 2021 Yamaha Waverunners featuring a redesigned VX Series, redesigned GP Race Series, and the all new four-stroke Yamaha Superjet. There is limited stability when at rest, but I did manage to balance on the unit.

So no surprise, as it turns out I was right. The new 2021 Yamaha lineup, including the new 4 stroke superjet. In my opinion, Yamaha hit it out of the park by making these units available to everyone. Those days are behind us now as this model is powered by the popular TR-1engine which is 4-stroke. As we get THAT much closer, we’re kicking things off with a... read more, The Kawasaki 750 was revolutionary in its design at its release, and to this day remains as one of... read more, END OF AN ERA: HISTORY OF THE YAMAHA SUPERJET Get it underway and the stability improves to the point where you can straighten up, but still be kneeling. The Yamaha SuperJet is powered by the TR-1 engine.

The deck is rubberized non-skid, as are the side panels. The 2021 Yamaha SuperJet – Yamaha’s race-only stand up needs no introduction! In fact, there’s even a learning mode that can be activated if desired.

It’s adjustable for different heights with two Allen screws to either side. The team at Pro Watercraft has scoured the internet for information, the deets and any and all “spy shots”. With a scheduled unveiling of August 2020, the hype for the 2021 Yamaha Super Jet is at an all time high — and starting to boil over. The jet nozzle steering can be adjusted from between 16-19-degrees of turning arc. The first feature-length film focused solely on the sport of jetski... read more, © Copyright 2016. Stand up and dominate the water! A new-era adrenaline machine is born out of our racing DNA. Finance provider Santander Consumer Finance RH1 1SR. First, let’s start with the obvious. Total charge for credit £TBC. Personally, I found myself not using this, but instead grabbed the tops of the side panels to hoist myself aboard. To be clear, Yamaha has always had an iconic place in the stand-up WaveRunner category, but it's been only for racers. The 2021 model year is shaping up to be a big one for Yamaha WaterCraft, with changes coming to the VX line, GP models, EX additions…and yes, the introduction of the brand’s first four-stroke SuperJet. The handlebars seem to have a minimalistic competition inspired design. Check out this New 2021 White Yamaha SuperJet available from Kommander Industries in Phoenix, Arizona. Here’s our first look. Reason pertaining mainly to overall size and the engine package — which have yet to be confirmed. Certainly, if I can do it, you can do it as well and have just as much fun.

And of course, there’s the required safety cut off the lanyard. For starters, it's not as stable as the typical WaveRunner. Nice to know, but I didn’t find it necessary to use it. It's not a race. To Get full access to this content, please: See the price by becominga BoatTEST member. Continue cruising like this for a while and then once you've reached the new comfort level, it's time to start adding turns. There is a learning curve to it, but I got the hang of it right away. ProWatercraft Racing. While Yamaha has not officially announced the introduction of a four stroke engine for the Yamaha stand up, they did officially announce the discontinuation of the SuperJet, and we have confirmed that dealership deposits list the 2021 SuperJet as a “YAMAHA SUPERJET FOURSTROKE”. (Minimum deposit 10%).


Amid all the rumors and speculation, one thing we know for sure is that the team at Pro Watercraft is already working to develop a line of handling components and accessories for the newest innovation in stand up watercraft — the 2021 fourstroke SuperJet.

Secure yours today! save hide report. With Kawasaki breathing new life into the recreational stand up market with the introduction of the SXR 1500, there is also speculation as to whether or not the 2021 Yamaha SuperJet will be designed around the general public, or stick to the roots of competition use. Basically, you grab it and pull yourself onboard, or back on board as the case may be. It’s a padded boarding deck flanked by padded side panels. Front sponsons... read more, Noticed those little blades on the back of your buddy’s ski and aren’t sure what they’re about? With a scheduled unveiling of August 2020, the hype for the 2021 Yamaha Super Jet is at an all time high — and starting to boil over. Whether you’re thinking about running stand ups, sit downs, closed course, off shore or... read more, Front sponsons are easily one of the best ways to upgrade the handling on your stand up. It’s a stand-up unit so there’s the handle pole.

In an effort to keep our team healthy and hustlin’, we ask that you please call... read more, We’re counting down the days until riding season! The team at Pro Watercraft has scoured the internet for information, the deets and any and all “spy shots”. This is something that just wasn’t possible on previous models. • SBS bunk trailer worth £TBC And a whole lot of fun. 21 comments. 2 Passenger. • RYA Personal Watercraft Hand Book All Rights Reserved. • Genuine Yamaha PWC cover worth £TBC Talk about minimalistic, the handlebar features a throttle trigger to one side and start/stop buttons and safety lanyard to the other. Inside is the Yamaha TR-1 engine with easy access all around for daily checks and even in-depth maintenance. There’s the usual throttle trigger still on the right-hand side, and on the left are the start and stop buttons. Now…  add a little more speed and then the stability will be at the point where it’s now possible to stand up. If you're looking for the “next big thing…” it has arrived. She may be a little beat up and run a little funny,... read more, Wanna go race Jet Skis? Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself cranking and banking. Fully forward, there's a 5-gallon (.

We are the standup watercraft handling specialists. 2021 Yamaha WaveRunner® Superjet 2021 Kawasaki Jet Ski® SX-R . Ask for this SuperJet by stock number or make and model. The new Yamaha SuperJet is the latest offering from the company’s lineup of WaveRunners and it’s probably the most anticipated ever. Fully forward, there's a 5-gallon (18.93 L) fuel tank and the first of its kind for a SuperJet, a fuel gauge. 5 Handling Upgrades for your New (USED) Jet Ski, 5 Things You Need for Your First Jet Ski Race, LET’S RIDE: a complete guide to 2020 Jet Ski events, Pro Watercraft partners with VJS for a spring break giveaway, SHRED-SSENTIALS: Kawasaki 750 SX / SXI / SXI-Pro, 2021 Yamaha SuperJet fourstroke: what we know.

Last year, Yamaha Motor Corporation announced the final run of its... read more, The highly-anticipated Hot Water Movie is finally here! Copyright © 2020 Yamaha’s new SuperJet is the latest model in the WaveRunner lineup and it brings a feature that was previously limited to racers to the general public, namely… stand-up riding. (170.10 kg), which is actually impressive for something this powerful. The team at Pro Watercraft did some testing with this motor in a Pro Force and found it to be quick, reliable, and fun.

Once more units of the 2021 Yamaha SuperJet are made available to the public, we will be releasing our new products. Close. 91% Upvoted. See specs, photos and pricing on Watercraft at

Honestly, this gets more fun the more you try it. And honestly, Yamaha engineers did a good job of making that whole assembly absolutely as light as possible. 3-4 Passenger.

I can stand and balance on this model when it's stationary, however, and that's something that just wasn't possible on the original versions. 2021 fourstroke Yamaha SuperJet: what we know . The turning arc can be manually adjusted to either a 16- or 19-degree range depending on rider preference. Once standing up, add more speed.

The SuperJet is elegant in its simplicity.

Beginners like myself will want to start with a lower center of gravity and that means kneeling down. It measures in at 95.7” (247.65 cm) overall, and the whole unit weighs 375 lbs. That’s it!

Cash price £TBC, deposit £TBC, balance to finance £TBC, repayments 60 x £TBC.

I started out keeping the center of gravity as low as possible until I got the hang of it. • Up to 5 years TBC % APR finance (T’s & C’s apply). The new Yamaha SuperJet is the latest offering from the company’s lineup of … Its redesigned wider hull and “L mode”, made to facilitate learning, bring the thrill of stand-up riding closer to all.

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